The American Indian Dog is not registered with large breeding associations like AKC, UKC or FCI (American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Fédération Cynologique Internationale). This allows, to preserve these dogs without rules and limitations and to maintain a breeding program according to natural principles.


Each American Indian Dog is unique, but especially within the different types there are differences. Unlike other breed standards, this breed’s standard does allow variation.



Look: The American Indian Dog is a working, nurturing, all-around type. It is a medium sized and lightly built breed. The entire look is natural, proportionally correct and reminds of a wild canid. Its eyes are stunning and can be of yellow, blue or grey color. Varicolored eyes do occur. The mobile ears are pricked, large and self-cleaning. The muzzle is long and the lips close tight, so drooling does not happen. The nose is black or liver colored, depending on the coat color. The tail is of medium length and is carried in a slight curve. The coat varies depending on the type and on the place of origin of the ancestors: Northern dogs have longer hair with thicker under wool, while southern dogs have rather shorter hair with less under wool. The loss of hair is limited to seasonal exchange. Colors and patterns are very diverse while different shadings blend into each other: Black, blue, white, golden red, grey, red and tan, tan, chocolate, cream, fawn and silver. A white chest and white ‘socks’ occur. The American Indian Dog has never been bred because of a certain color. Nevertheless, it is of concern to keep the different colors, shadings and the natural look.


Size: Males approx. 45 - 55 cm (18 - 21"), females approx. 40 - 50 cm (16 - 20")


Weight: Males approx. 15 - 25 kg (33 - 55 lbs), females approx. 12 - 22 kg (27 - 46 lbs)


Health: physically and mentally very healthy, no breed specific problems known


Lifespan: 12 - 18 years


Activity: needs exercise and a job


Grooming: when kept under proper conditions, mostly self-grooming without a strong doggie odor, hypo allergic


Character: Versatility and adaptability are unique characteristics of the American Indian Dog. It is a working type breed that needs a task to do. A calm, assertive, defined and consequent leadership with clearly defined rules, boundaries and limitations is a must to establish a clear pack order. Like the look, also the character of the individuals varies. The urge for exercise is high, which makes the American Indian Dog suitable for active people. Generally the dogs are attentive, instinctive and very aware of their surroundings. The will to bond is distinct, which results in highly loyal relationships. The American Indian Dog is patient and friendly with kids. They also like other animals when properly introduced. Towards strangers they may be sometimes skeptical or uninterested but never aggressive. Traits can be: happy, playful, funny, keen to learn, willing to move, willing to work, sporty, protective, hard headed, temperamental, independent.


Fields of use: accompanying family dog, watchdog, endurance sports, agility, search and rescue, dog dancing, working with animals, and so forth