The American Indian Dog is primarily a working breed with a large potential that needs a job to do. Although these dogs have a very friendly nature, excessive affection combined with a lack of exercise and little or no discipline will result in problems. To fully develop their potential they need a calm, assertive, defined and consequent leadership with clearly defined rules, boundaries and limitations. First exercise, then discipline and then affection. Like any breed, these dogs will only perform as well as the handler can teach them. In other words, it lies within the abilities of the owner to what extent the potential of the dog will be put to use – or not. We take the responsibility for breeding, early stage socializing and matching each dog to the right owner. From then on, proper handling and training is the owner’s responsibility. Daily work with the animal needs time, knowledge, patience and empathy. Be honest and ask yourself, if you really have and want to invest these. If not, it might be a good idea to consider another breed or, more likely, no dog at all.