As a breed, the American Indian Dog is recognized through an alternative breed registry, which leaves the control of the breeding program with the breeders. Because of this recognition, the American Indian Dog is also allowed to participate in different competitions. A membership with large breeding associations like AKC, UKC or FCI (American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is clearly declined because their concepts and rules on how to breed dogs do not harmonize with the philosophy of the American Indian Dog.

IPDBA (International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance)

The concern of this registry is not just to keep track of the breeding and the pedigree; it also supports breeders with improving their breed. It assumes that the control of a breed should stay with the breeders and therefore grants some degrees of freedom in respect to their choice of breeding dogs and the breeding program. Also, it supports the preservation of traits that are specific to a breed. Hence they allow breeders, who have the ambition to register their dogs as hunting dogs for instance, only to use dogs that have actually been used for hunting.

IIDOBA (International Indian Dogs Owners and Breeders Association)

This is the personal registry of the American Indian Dog. It allows an additional overview on all the dogs and especially creates the possibility for exchange within the community. Also it provides a lot of information for owners or people who are interested in the breed.