There are many controversies on the American Indian Dog that can be found on the internet. Some claim, that the original dogs of the Native Americans have gone extinct a long time ago and that all dogs sold today as American Indian Dogs are an attempt to recreate these unique animals. Certainly there are breeders who have tried this by crossing different dog breeds and perhaps wolfs, coyotes or dingoes. We distance ourselves strictly from those kinds of new creations or hybrids. In our opinion, the American Indian Dog has nothing to do with a wolf- or other hybrid. In contrary, we believe that hybrids can become very problematic in many aspects and often end in sanctuaries or need to be put down.


Of course we cannot prove conclusively, that our dogs are 100% the direct descendants of the old dogs from the Native Americans. Our dogs originate from the breeding program of Kim La Flamme. However, because of his over 50 years of research, the finding places of his breeding dogs and because of the strict regulations of his breeding program, we know that they are the closest relatives of the original dogs of the Native Peoples of America. They are symbolic for American history and for a life in harmony with nature. In this sense, they inspire us to remind ourselves of our roots and offer the opportunity to bring back a piece of history into our life.