My parents gave me the name Peter of the family Jesenak. Over the last 13 years I am accompanied by Coydo, an American Indian Dog from the breeding program of Kim La Flamme. At the tender age of 8 weeks, Coydo traveled with me from the United States to Switzerland. Since then, we have visited together over 20 countries and experienced many adventures together.


How it happened that Coydo came into my life? As long as I remember, I wished to have a dog by my side. After graduating from high school, time seemed to be right and I began looking for a breed that would fit to my personality. To me most important was the health and the versatility of the animal, while having a wild look and a symbolizing a strong connection to nature. Soon I realized that a wolf hybrid was out of question. Thanks to my dad I took notice of the American Indian Dog. Without hesitation I decided to contact Kim La Flamme. Because I had no experience with dogs, we both thought it might be worthwhile to visit him and learn all about these unique creatures. I stayed for three months and came back home with Coydo. Since then I have visited the USA and Kim almost every year for a few months, always together with my loyal companion.


In 2015 we took a longer Journey with my partner Alexandra that also led us to Oregon and Kim. She as well fell in love with these dogs and we travelled on and finally returned home to Switzerland with addition to the family. Mora our little doggie girl left us with wonderful memories. Due to a tragic accident she was taken away too soon from our life.


2017 we again felt ready to take another American Indian Dog to us. So I travelled once more to Kim and returned with two dogs: Chawa the eight years young lady and Luna, the three month old sunshine made our pack perfect.


Because of numerous requests, we decided to found a small Kennel with Kim La Flamme’s collaboration. We wish to all present and future owners of American Indian Dogs as much joy and unforgettable moments with their loyal companions as we are blessed to experience.